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New Frequency 2018
TP: 4060 V 26666
T10 Cricket League 2018

T10 Cricket League New Biss Key Today 21-11-2018
AsiaSat-5 100.5E
FREQ: 3877 H 7200
SID: 0001 Biss Key AC A7 89 DC 5A CC 66 8C

T10 Cricket Schedule And CL Time Table 2018

The T10 Cricket League squad will be chosen by means of a sale that will be held in the number one spot up to the competition which will be played in Sharjah cricket stadium, UAE on 23 November 2018. The competition was required to be played prior however a conflict of dates with the Big Bash League and Pakistan’s voyage through New Zealand pushed the coordinators into changing the calendar.Below you can get the updated t10 Cricket schedule of T10 Cricket League 2018.
23-Nov-2018AKarachians vs Rajputs16:30
23-Nov-2018BBengal Tigers vs Punjabi Legends18:45
23-Nov-2018AKerala Kings vs Pakhtoons21:00
24-Nov-2018APakhtoons vs Rajputs15:30
24-Nov-2018AKarachians vs Kerala Kings17:45
24-Nov-2018BMaratha Arabians vs Northern Warriors20:00
25-Nov-2018AKarachians vs Pakhtoons15:30
25-Nov-2018BBengal Tigers vs Maratha Arabians17:45
25-Nov-2018BNorthern Warriors vs Punjabi Legends20:00
26-Nov-2018BBengal Tigers vs Northern Warriors15:30
26-Nov-2018BMaratha Warriors vs Punjabi Legends17:45
26-Nov-2018AKerala Kings vs Rajputs20:00
27-Nov-2018PlayoffsA1 vs B215:30
27-Nov-2018PlayoffsA3 vs B417:45
27-Nov-2018PlayoffsA2 vs B320:00
28-Nov-2018PlayoffsA4 vs B115:30
28-Nov-2018PlayoffsA2 vs B417:45
28-Nov-2018PlayoffsA1 vs B320:00
29-Nov-2018PlayoffsA3 vs B115:30
29-Nov-2018PlayoffsA2 vs A417:45
29-Nov-2018PlayoffsA1 vs B420:00
30-Nov-2018PlayoffsA3 vs B215:30
30-Nov-2018PlayoffsA2 vs B117:45
30-Nov-2018PlayoffsA4 vs B120:00
1-Dec-2018Semifinal 1Playoffs 1st Pos vs Playoffs 2nd Pos15:30
1-Dec-2018Eliminator 1Playoffs 3rd Pos vs Playoffs 4th Pos17:45
1-Dec-2018Semifinal 2Semifinal 1 Runner Up vs Eliminator 1 Winner20:00
2-Dec-2018Third PlaceEliminator 1 Runner Up vs Semifinal 2 Runner Up17:40
2-Dec-2018FinalSemifinal 1 Winner vs Semifinal 2 Winner20:00

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