AsiaSat 7 at 105.5° East strong TP Frequency

Channel Name FrequencyPolaritySymbol RateLNB Band     Mod
Shamshad TV 
3.684V2073C BandDVB-S/MPEG-2
Madani Channel3.740V2815C BandDVB
DM Digital3.742V1500C BandDVB-S/MPEG-2
Fashion TV37.45V2626C BandDVD
Zee Network3.820V27500C BandDVB,conax
Zee Salaam3.820V27500C BandMPEG-4 
Zee Jagran3.820V27500C BandMPEG-4 
ETC3.820V27500C BandMPEG-4 
GlobeCast3.760H26000C BandDVB
Such Tv3.915V7260C BandDVB-S 
Isaac TV3.880H27500C BandDVB-S/MPEG-2 
Bloomberg TV Asia3.760H26000C BandDVB
Xinya Azio 3.760H26000C BandDVB
RT English3.760H26000C BandDVB
MTA International3.760H26000C BandDVB
Al Jazeera English3.760H26000C BandDVB
TV 5 Monde Asie3.760H26000C BandDVB
Eurosport News3.760H26000C BandDVB
Zee Salaam3.820V27500C BandMPEG-4 
Zee Jagran3.820V27500C BandMPEG-4 
ETC India3.820V27500C BandMPEG-4 
Zee Network3.820V27500C BandMPEG-4 
NHK World TV3.880H27500C BandDVB-S/MPEG-2 
C Plus TV3.880H27500C BandDVB-S/MPEG-2 
Macau Lotus TV3.880H27500C BandDVB-S/MPEG-2 
Sun TV (China)3.880H27500C BandDVB-S/MPEG-2 
CSTV3.880H27500C BandDVB-S/MPEG-2 
Info TV tests3.880H27500C BandDVB-S/MPEG-2 
Big CBS Prime3.888H9220C BandMPEG-4 
Big CBS Love3.888H9220C BandMPEG-4 
Big Magic Uttar P3.888H9220C BandMPEG-4 
Big Magic Madhya Pradesh3.888H9220C BandMPEG-4 
Big Gaurav3.888H9220C BandMPEG-4 

Star Lite3.915V7260C BandDVB-S/MPEG-2
Film Asia
Star Max3.915V7260C BandDVB-S/MPEG-2 
Champion TV3.915V7260C BandDVB-S/MPEG-2 
Falak TV3.915V7260C BandDVB-S/MPEG-2 
On Movies3.915V7260C BandDVB-S/MPEG-2 
Joo Music3.915V7260C BandDVB-S/MPEG-2 
Silver Screen3.915V7260C BandDVB-S/MPEG-2 

Cartoon Network Asia
CNN Newsource feeds
Cartoon Network Taiwan
Cartoon Network Philippines
H27500.C BandPOWERVU
Cartoon Network Australia
H27500C BandPOWERVU 
TCM Asia
H27500C BandPOWERVU 
Boomerang Australia
H27500C BandPOWERVU 
Boomerang SE Asia
H27500C BandPOWERVU 
Tru TV
H27500C BandPOWERVU 

C Band
STAR TV4.000H 26850C BandDVB
Phoenix Info News4.000H 26850C BandDVB
Channel V China4.000H 26850C BandDVB
Sahara Samay Mumbai4.020 V 27250DVB
Sahara Samay Uttar Pradesh4.020 V...DVB
Sahara Samay Bihar4.020V27500C BandDVB 
Sahara Aalami4.020V27500C BandDVB 
Filmy4.020V27500C BandDVB 
Sahara Firangi4.020V27500C BandDVB 
ARY Zindagi4.060V26666C BandDVB-S/MPEG-2  
Nickelodeon Pakistan4.060V26666C BandDVB-S/MPEG-2 
ARY Digital Asia4.060V26666.DVB-S/MPEG-2 
ARY QTV 4.060V26666C BandDVB-S/MPEG-2 
ARY Musik4.060V26666C BandDVB-S/MPEG-2 
ARY News4.060H26666C BandDVB-S/MPEG-2 
ARY Digital USA4.060.26666.DVB-S/MPEG-2 
HBO Pakistan4.060H26666C BandDVB-S/MPEG-2 
Jinnah TV
H26666C BandDVB-S/MPEG-2 
MLQ Movies4.066V4295C BandMPEG-4
Hamara TV4.066V4295C BandMPEG-4
Jinnah TV4.066V4295C BandMPEG-4
GR8 TV4.066V4295C BandMPEG-4

Pashto TV4.078H9220C BandDVB-S/MPEG-2
Pashto Middle East4.078H9220C BandDVB-S/MPEG-2
DM Dhoom4.082H3185C BandDVB-S/MPEG-2
Dekho TV4.082H3185C BandDVB-S/MPEG-2
Hidayat TV4.082H3185C BandDVB-S/MPEG-2
PTV Global USA4.091V2894C BandDVB-S/MPEG-2
PTV World4.095V2894C BandDVB-S/MPEG-2
Masala TV4.156
9833C BandMPEG-4
Hum TV World4.156H9833C BandMPEG-4
Hum TV 4.156H9833C BandMPEG-4
Hum TV Hd4.156H9833C BandMPEG-4/HD
Zee Smile4.140H27500C BandDVB
Zing Asia4.140
27500C BandDVB
Geo News 4.180V29720C BandDVB-S/MPEG-4
Geo TV4.180V29720C BandDVB-S/MPEG-4
Geo Super4.180V29720C BandDVB-S/MPEG-4
Geo Tez4.180V29720C BandDVB-S/MPEG-4
Press TV12.347H17845C BandDVB-S/MPEG-2 
Sahar  tv12.347H17845C BandDVB-S/MPEG-2
IRIB Semnan12.682H3100C BandMPEG-4 

H9220C BandMPEG-4 

H9220C BandMPEG-4 

H9220C BandMPEG-4 

H9220C BandMPEG-4 

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