Paksat All Biss Key Channels Updates 2018

Paksat 38 Full TV Channel List With Frequency Updated 2018: Paksat 1r dish setting

All Channels Of PakSat 38 East including Geo tv frequency, Samaa tv frequency on Paksat, Geo news Urdu frequency and full channel list updated on September 2017. Paksat 38 which is also known as Paksat 1R is a popular satellite TV service provider in Asia. Many sat-tv website users were asking for Dunya news frequency, Geo tv frequency, Paksat 1r dish setting etc, so I decided to share all available channel list of Paksat 38 along with frequency.

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Geo new Urdu, Paksat 1r dish setting

Here is full TV channels list of Paksat 1r with frequency

Geo News
Geo News International
Geo TV International
Geo UK
Geo Super
Geo Tez
Geo Tez International
Geo TV
Geo Kanani HD
Frequency: 3729 V 29720

Sindh TV News
Sindh TV
Frequency: 3762 V 4340

Channel 24 HD
City 42
City 41
Rohi TV
City 44 UK
Frequency: 3771 V 7700

Metro One
Frequency: 3781 V 2170

7 News
Frequency: 3784 V 2950

Bol News HD
HD Service 2 test card
Frequency: 3785 H 12800

Lahore News HD
Frequency: 3791 V 5700

Express Entertainment
Express News
Times Entertainment
Frequency: 3800 V 7200

Film World
Aruj TV
test card
Frequency: 3818 V 6200

Jalwa TV
Frequency: 3824 V 2800

Frequency: 3831 V 2600

PTV Bolan
Frequency: 3856 V 2893

Abb Takk
Frequency: 3959 V 7234

Apna Channel
Frequency: 3966 V 2800

Kashish TV
KTN News
Frequency: 3973 V 6504

Channel Five
3979 V 3255

3984 V 2893

3992 V 2170

PTV Home
PTV News
PTV Global UK & Europe
PTV Sports
PTV World
FM Radio Sawat & Waziristan
Radio Pakistan
Radio Pakistan
Radio Apna & Nori
Frequency: 4003 V 15555

Raavi Films
Indus Vision
Star Asia News
Dharti TV
Vibe Films
Frequency: 4005 H 13846

92 News HD
4023 V 5700

Radio Pakistan
Radio Pakistan
Radio Pakistan 
Radio Pakistan 
Radio Pakistan
Radio Pakistan
4031 V 1081

Jan TV (Mood Music)
Dil TV
Sabzbaat TV
Sabaoon TV
AS TV Movies
Hamara TV
Dhanak TV
Uni TV
Zindagi TV
Fujairah TV
Frequency: 4038 V 4800

Neo News HD
4042 V 2800

Waqt News TV
4047 V 3255

PTV National
PTV feed
PTV feed
Radio Pakistan
4054 V 7000

bzAf Music
Oxygen TV
Sahar Urdu
Gawahi TV
Samaa FM
Mango FM
Radio Spice
Fujairah FM
Frequency: 4060 H 6000

PTV feed
4061 V 2894

Star Asia News
4064 V 2170

AAJ News
Play TV Entertainment
AAJ Entertanment
4073 V 6150

4081 V 3255

Dawn News
4086 V 2960

Dunya Entertainment
4090 V 3330

Awaz TV Network
4093 V 2525

Noor TV UK
Frequency: 4098 V 3600

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