Watan TV HD New Frequency Biss Key yahsat 2018

Here Watan TV HD New Biss Key Frequency 2017, WATAN TV HD  started its broadcasting February 5 .
Watan TV is a Pashto language based channel. It broadcasts from Kabul, Afghanistan. It started its operation in March 17, 2011. It is a satellite television network. It is also functions Radio station 100.80 in Kabul. The main aim of the channel is to enhance educational background of Afghanistan through their programs. It telecasts programs on topics like public affair or current political events and issues. This channel purpose is to entertain the Afghan public and perfectly deliver the responsibility of news and information around the world.

Some of Watan TV famous programs in Pashto language are Bashper Zhwandon (Complete Life), Kor Aow Kalay, Tamsha (stay), Teerezhi Na, Herezhi (Passing not Forgetting) and Educational program are Beyayed Bedanim (come to know), Tolana aoe rozana (community and Education). Channel also marked its social responsibility and dedication to public service through various community projects which they undertake. To get the latest updates visits HamariWeb.com for Live streaming of Watan TV. (source)

Watan TV HD Key Frequency 2018

Watan TV HD New Biss Key Frequency 2018

Channel Name : Watan TV HD
Frequence    : 11532 H 2205
Satellite    :  Express 53E

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