Tuesday, 24 April 2018

AXN Adria TV Frequency ABS-2

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Here frequency of The AXN Adria TV last time updated on our server Daily chaneel update,
The AXN Adria channel broadcasts Series programs, from Serbia country in the English language,
last updated time on November 28, 2014. AXN Adria which considered to view as a Paid satellite TV channel.

    Channel Name: AXN Adria TV
    Satellite: ABS-2
    Position: 75.0° East
    Encryption: VideoGuard
    Language: English
    Country: Serbia
    Category: Series
    Package: Total TV
    Coverage: North
    Band: Ku Band

Channel Name : AXN Adria TV
Satellite Name :ABS-2
Frequency : 12207
Polarization : Horizontal
Symbol Rate: 27500 2/3
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