HBO 2 Central Europe New Frequency Astra 3B

HBO 2 Central Europe on Astra frequency

The frequency of HBO 2 Central Europe Channel on Astra, Eutelsat, Intelsat, Thor, Hellas

HBO 2 Central Europe

Watch HBO 2 Central Europe channel live streaming via satellite transmission on your television, The Channel broadcasts via Astra 3B satellite which you can get easily on pointing your dish exactly towards the orbit23.5E.
Bellow, you can find the channel frequency as well as all the parameters you need to search and get The HBO 2 Central Europe TV on your satellite digital reciever for free , enjoy HBO 2 Central Europe and feel free to share the HBO 2 Central Europe frequency on social medias

HBO 2 Central Europe Channel Frequency on Astra 

  • Channel :HBO 2 Central Europe
  • Satellite :Astra 3B
  • Position : 23.5E
  • Frequency : 12090.00
  • Polarization :Vertical
  • Symbole Rate :29900 2/3
  • Encryption :Cryptoworks
  • Language :Cze
  • Country : Hungary
  • Category : Movies
  • Package :SkyLink

The frequency of HBO Channel on satellites:
HBO 2 Central EuropeAstra 3B23.5E12090.00Vertical29900 2/3
HBO 2 Central EuropeEutelsat 16A16.0E11055.00Vertical27500 4/5
HBO 2 Central EuropeEutelsat 16A16.0E11637.00Horizontal30000 5/6
HBO 2 Central EuropeThor 50.8W11938.00Horizontal28000 7/8
HBO 2 Central EuropeIntelsat 10-020.8W12563.00Horizontal27500 3/4
HBO 2 Central EuropeIntelsat 10-020.8W12607.00Vertical26660 2/3
HBO 2 Central EuropeAmos 24.0W10925.50Vertical30000 3/4
HBO 2 Central EuropeIntelsat 12 IS-1245.0E11468.00Vertical30000 3/4
HBO 2 Central EuropeHellas Sat 239.0E12647.00Vertical30000 7/8

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